A lion in the hand…

          Back in May, on a trip to London with Hubby we stopped off to see the lions.  Where would you normally think to find lions in London?   London Zoo?  Well yes,  it would be quite normal to find lions in a zoo, but the lions I wanted to see were the bronze statues in Trafalgar Square.

2015-05. Lion in hand.

          Doesn’t it look quite cosy sitting in the palm of my hand?

        There’s a standing joke in our house about my sense of direction and map reading,  neither are very good, I always rely on Hubby to find his way around and I just tag along behind, but on my first trip to London without him I went with Eldest Daughter to see a show and stayed the night in a hotel near the theatre.  On our next morning before the train home, we decided to do a little sight-seeing by using the underground stops, hopping on and off at the right stops to save us time, and walking.  Since there wasn’t a stop called Trafalgar Square to be found on the London tube map, we didn’t manage to find it.  For anyone who needs to know, it’s Charring Cross.

          Well, apparently, size does matter after all as Hubby said I should take a couple of shots to show the grand scale of things so here’s the lion again, posing this time with a giant pigeon.

2015-05. Giant pigeon.

          That’s another thing Trafalgar Square is famous for, it’s pigeons.  Have you seen the film Mary Poppins with the lady selling bird food to “Feed the Birds, tuppence a bag”?  The bird lady was on the steps of St. Pauls not in Trafalgar Square, but she would have been perfectly placed today if she was.

          Ok, I’ll admit that the lions don’t really fit in the palm of my hand, and the pigeons aren’t really giants in London, here’s a picture of a young lad, probably about twelve or thirteen if I had to guess, just about to climb down from sitting on the back of one of the lions.  This should probably help with the scale of things for you.  Maybe next time we go to London I should climb up myself and get Hubby to take a picture of me sitting on a lion’s back for you.

2015-05. Large lion.

          Just a quick shot of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, the column stands at fifty-two metres tall and the lions are to be found guarding the base … looking just a little bit smaller than the red busses in the background.

2015-05. Nelson's column.

           More from before : Looking at “London” as a tourist.


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