Thank Costa it’s Friday


          Now that I’m wandering home from work under my own steam of a morning,  my brain is forced to tick over just that little bit longer before my head hits the pillow.


          I’ve been walking home on a Friday for ages, I finish an hour earlier than my lift used to and so come rain or shine I would head up through town, past the Costa Coffee shop, well not really past, I started at first just popping in now and again on a Friday and then somehow I became a regular, I would walk up to the counter,  not to be greeted by “good morning” or “can I help you”, I would just arrive to a smile and a half question, “large? “


          Now I don’t even get asked that anymore.  My coffee of choice at that time of the morning is large, skinny latte. Normally it would be a de-caf but my first coffee, and my last, of the day are leaded – as opposed to unleaded- to balance the caffeine and help prevent migraines.


          I started taking a photo of my cup on a Friday morning and sending it to my sister, then I progressed to instagram and linked it to my Facebook page.   I place my cup somewhere different on my route home, the cup, or some part of it, is always in the picture, but the actual picture is about what’s behind the cup, different pictures in different places,  in different weather through the seasons.


            These are just a few of the ones which made the cut.



8 thoughts on “Thank Costa it’s Friday

    • Thanks Robin, some Friday mornings it’s quite a challenge to find a picture, others I’m spoiled for choice. But there’s always the happy bonus of the coffee to drink on the way home. 🙂

  1. Love the leaded/unleaded coffee thing! And I can imagine that the walk home on Friday is a vast relief – end of your week I imagine. And I really like the coffee cup plus backdrop idea – good thinking, and good images. A 🙂

    • Thanks, leaded/unleaded.. Just another one of my quirks. 🙂 that’s how the labels read on the storage jars in the kitchen too.
      And yes, the Friday morning Costa signifies the end of my working week. 😀

  2. Brilliant… Why have I never thought about featuring my many cups of Costa in my blog?! Mine area not always takeaway though & often I vary the contents these days as I’m living dangerously now!!! Lol xXx ☕✔

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