Light reflection

2015-09. Streetlight puddle.

          It rained earlier in the week,  and boy did it rain.  So far I’ve managed to avoid the rain on my morning walk home from work but not this time.

          I was prepared, I had with me the biggest brolly I have, a big navy blue one. One of Youngest Daughter’s friends left it behind years ago and when Youngest moved out she left it behind too. There’s a small hole in it, near to the top – probably why it was so unloved and unwanted. – but if you tilt it in the right direction any drip from the hole falls straight past you.

          I pulled on my woolly orange hat, wrapped a scarf around my neck and trusting my recently purchased, almost comfortable boots not to let the water in, set off into the deluge of liquid sunshine.

          Remembering that “go out in the rain”  was on “the list“, I dug around in the bottom of my bag for my little red camera and took a few snaps of some puddles.

         I was hoping to catch a crown or two as the rain splashed down into the water but not  this time. Maybe I’ll add CHOOSE to go out in the rain to next year’s list instead.

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