So there I was wandering about in another new town with the camera and Mr Plastic while Hubby played sport again.  I had instructions to buy something if I found anything I wanted.

          Hubby said we weren’t overly flush, but we weren’t pinching pennies this month either and he knows I don’t spend very often, it’s not that I’m tight mind you, it’s just that to me most things aren’t worth the price I’m being asked to pay for them.  If I really like something though, that makes it worth a lot more to me and I’ve then been known to pay way over the odds to get it.

          And how do I work out how much something is worth to me?  It’s quite easy really,  I measure it’s worth in smiles, the more smiles it’s going to give me, then the more it’s worth.


          When I saw this big lump of concrete next to a little flower stall on my way to Asda, I smiled immediately.   I walked around the stall peering this way and that, over the flowers and under the tables until, still smiling,  I asked the stall holder how heavy it was.  Some of the garden ornaments which have caught my eye in the past have been so lightweight that the slightest gust of wind would send them flying into someone else’s garden, but no, this one was solid concrete,  and I liked it even more upon close inspection.

          I don’t think this was quite what Hubby had in mind when he said I could shop, but I figured it was well worth the price asked for it, all I had to do was get it back to the hotel.

          Mr Google told the satnav on my phone that I would only have to carry it for nine minutes. Ok, so the extra minute or so that got added on because I took a wrong turn were self inflicted so we won’t count them, but even if we say ten minutes,  no, sorry Mr Google, ten minutes my elbow.

          I set off, hugging my sleepyhead close so that my arms didn’t drop off or the muscles in my back didn’t twang, and stopping three times on different benches to catch my breath I finally made it back to the hotel room with my prize.

          Once it finds it’s place in my garden I’ll share it again.

12 thoughts on “Sleepyhead

    • Thanks Robin, Hubby likes it too and I’ve a feeling it’s not going to make it to the garden, there’s a spot in the room where some plugs and wires are in need of a little camouflage. 🙂

  1. I love the thought of measuring something’s worth in smiles and know just what you mean – many acquisitions are good on the day but then fade away, whereas really worthwhile things give lasting pleasure – smiles and warm feelings over and over. 🙂

    • Now that’s a strange thought….
      I often call objects him or her, generally the more of a problem they are, the more likely they are to be male. I work at night and am lucky to have no problem putting my head down somewhere, well actually anywhere, and falling asleep so I guess that’s why I’ve been thinking of the sleepyhead as female. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, call again sometime. 🙂

  2. That is worth many smiles!! I’d also pay top euro for such a beaut!! Hope hubby liked it! How much does it weigh?? I hope not too many carrying pains were ensued!! o_O

  3. This sleepy head is pretty awesome, I don’t think I could put him in the garden but then again I think he will look great wherever he is placed! Great buy 👍👏😊

    • She was a bit too chunky for the spot I had planned indoors but because of her size she sits perfectly against the back fence where I can see her from the kitchen window, and the back bedroom window too. 🙂
      She’s hiding a little in the grass at the moment so as soon as I’ve done another cut I’ll take another picture. 🙂

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