Swan feather

2015-10. Swans.

          “Cosmeston“, remember the name, you’re very likely to be seeing a lot more of it on later dates.

          I showed you the squirrel eating out of my hand while away at Little Sister’s last weekend, that was at Cosmeston, she has a new camera too so we went out to play and although I did a lot more playing with the squirrels than with the camera, I did catch a couple of other shots too.

          Cosmeston has two lakes, a network of paths and bridleways,  a cafe, plenty of well-placed seating to enjoy the landscape, and it would seem,  an unlimited amount of very well fed local wildlife.   Oh, and a medieval village which I’m sure the camera will love.

          The swans in my picture were gathered a convenient distance from the café and were happy to pose for the camera while waiting for tidbits from passers by,  the passers by were camera friendly too, stepping behind me to pass as I curled up on the floor in the middle of the path playing with the focus between the swans and the feather.

            More from before : “Cosmeston” with cameras.


4 thoughts on “Swan feather

    • Thanks Robin, I like swans too, it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture of them. 🙂
      I dont remember seeing much mess, it was probably there, but I was captivated by the feather, and I remember the path was clear, I was practically lying down on it. 🙂

    • Thanks Adrian, I managed to get two shots before the breeze took the feather away, one with focused feather and blurred swans, and this one with blurred feather and focused swans.
      In the end I went with this one. 🙂

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