Pollyanna’s room

          Strange as it may sound, Pollyanna, my pet Python, does have her own room.

2015-10. Living quarters.

         She’s just in the little box at the moment,  Royal Pythons are afraid of big spaces and she’s too small to put her in the big house just yet. (That means more time for me to choose some furnishings for her.)

     If you check “The List” you’ll see that I’ve managed to achieve two things to be crossed off in one go. First to persuade Hubby to let me have a pet Python, and second to take down the shelves in the little bedroom,  making it easier to dust.

          Youngest Daughter was the last to live in the little bedroom,  she moved out a long time ago, and moved into Boyfriend’s Mum’s house.  I wasn’t overly happy, but she had her reasons, and they were valid ones so I didn’t make a fuss, I just made sure her room was available if she needed it.  Now she and Boyfriend have moved into their own place and I finally feel comfortable changing the room into something more suitable for my own purposes.

          I have taken the shelves down, both sets, and Eldest and Middle Daughters have given them homes in their respective sheds, there’s a very old green carpet – that’s staying – but I’ve painted over the green border with white paint, the same colour as the walls.  Eldest commented on how much bigger the room looks – a combination of the fresh clean walls and the lack of clutter I think.

          I haven’t chosen pictures to add just that splash of colour on the walls yet, I’ll dig around in the files and probably find some greenery and rocks, I think Pollyanna pictures on the wall might be a bit much.  I might put a small one of her next to her house though as she’s spent all day hiding and Hubby seems to think I’ve imagined her.

          Oh there’s still a bed in there too, just a single, Little Sister normally stays there when she visits. She said she doesn’t mind sleeping with a snake, but I somehow don’t think many other visitors will be overly pleased with that option so my next project from the list is to prepare the back bedroom for guests.

2015-10. On arrival.

          More from before: “Pollyanna“, my pet Python

3 thoughts on “Pollyanna’s room

  1. Mmmmm… bringing in some more of Ma Nature’s creatures? Mind you… this may sound rather evil of me but as soon as I realised who Pollyanna is I thought of their love for small furry mammals. Rats and rabbits… o_O

    • It is a bit of a lurch in a different direction for me, but Pollyanna won’t be growing big enough to trouble the local rabbits. 😊
      You’re right though, she does eat rats, just small ones at the moment, they’re bred for the purpose, humanely killed, frozen, and then defrosted and heated up to a suitable temperature for her to eat, a little like us tucking into a steak from Iceland really. 😊
      After my bad luck with rabbits, it’s taken me almost two years to grow back enough confidence to take responsibility for another being.

      • Tell you what… that steak sounds inviting!! Have fun with Pollyanna… I’m sure soon she’ll be well settled and in the summer you can let her play in the back yard. I reckon she won’t uproot as many plants as the rabbits! 😉

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