Canal character

2015-10. Canal branch.

          This picture of still water dappled with autumn leaves and reflecting the sky through sparcely decorated trees could be anywhere,  but we are in fact wandering further along the Wolverhampton stretch of the Birmingham main line canal.

2015-10. Treading water.

          An abandoned white plastic glove holds its head up and treads water as we pass. The sound of traffic is humming in the air and the trains and trams rumble in the distance, but you only need to hear them if you want to.

2015-10. Canal daisies.

          And these purple daisy-like flowers hold still in the slight breeze just long enough for me to play with the focus on the camera.

2015-10. Canal chimney.

          The chimney ahead looks like a tower of Lego bricks reaching up to another gap in the clouds, and the colourful graffiti, well its cheerful colours deserve a picture of their own.

2015-10. Graffiti reflection.

          More from before : Wandering in “Wolverhampton


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