I was sitting here making inroads into another of the items on my list, Eldest Daughter’s throw, and now that I’ve jumped the “Confidence” hurdle again for a while the knitting is whizzing along without much concentration at all so my mind is wandering.

          I glanced out of the window at the damp grey morning, I can hear the cars moving into my window space before they arrive, the tires make a different noise on the wet road than on a dry one.  It’s not a school day so only the odd person stomps past at this time of day, some battling against the winds with far too delicate umbrellas, others have given up on umbrellas completely and are hooded with shoulders slouched and faces to the ground.

          My eyes wander up to the tree outside and my mind wander’s back to the spring almost seventeen years ago when I first saw the tree from what was to be the master bedroom window.  March the eighth, and it was in full bloom, I do believe that it wouldn’t (and probably didn’t) matter what state the inside of the house was in, the thought of waking up on a spring morning to a tree in full bloom sold the house to me there and then.

          Today however, more of the little burgundy leaves fly away from the branches with every gust of wind and soon the tree will be bare for the rest of the winter.

          The mind wanders again, this time to Norwich and to another tree.  We’re not going to the usual Norwich sports competition this year, the dates didn’t fit with our availability, but I remember last year’s visit, and a few smiles which are still sitting in the files waiting to be shared…

2014-11. Tree building.

          This tree in Norwich has also lost a large number of it’s leaves ready to conserve it’s energy over winter.  If you know the area, that’s the outdoor market on the right of my picture, we’re looking down-hill at it, but it wasn’t the market which caught my attention and made me smile in November last year, it was the tree, look closely and you will see some very unseasonable fruit hanging on it’s branches.

2014-11. Unseasonable fruit.

          Look closer still and you’ll see that it’s not fruit at all, someone has “yarn bombed” the tree with pom-poms, what a wonderful idea.

2014-11. Pom-poms.

          Another item sitting on “The List” for this year is to yarn-bomb the bus stop outside my house, but wouldn’t this be so much more fun.

           More from before : Winter weekends in “Norwich

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