Canal contrast

          A few more pictures from the Wolverhampton stretch of the Birmingham main line canal.

2015-10. Transport.

          I guess transport was everything when the canals first came about and in a busy city like Wolverhampton getting about would certainly seem to be easy.

          Apart from the very obvious cars, busses and such like to be found everywhere,  there are various bridges woven into the picture carrying trains and trams in a network of different directions, and of course the canal quite literally runs through the centre of town where you’ll not only find boating folk, but bikers and walkers alike taking advantage off the slower pace on offer.

2015-10. Bullrushes.

          In contrast to the busy hustle and bustle these bullrushes paint the image of a summer’s day in the countryside, no record of the heavy traffic-laden air or the ground-trembling trains as they thunder by.

2015-10. Can reflection.

          But beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder,  I know that’s a cliché,  but it is.  This tin-can barrel,  weather-beaten and stripped of its paint covering by time sits in water quiet and still enough to show a perfect reflection.

2015-10. More geese.

          These geese paid me more than just a passing interest as I tried to frame their likeness for posterity between the trees and the lock in the background.   I fired off a few lucky shots, tightened the grip on the bag holding my cheese and bacon sandwich and was soon on my way again.

2015-10. Chimney.

          I sat on one of the long gate arms, watched the train pass the tall Lego chimney,  and ate my sandwich in peace.

2015-10. Heron.

          As the canal headed further away from the centre, I spotted this heron searching for a bit of lunch too.

          But I’m guessing there’s an interesting story behind this old boot left behind under a bridge on the other side of the canal .

2015-10. Boot.          More from before : Wandering in “Wolverhampton


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