Tis the season again

          Life’s a bit of a bitch at the moment, grey skies, grey pavements and grey moods.  There’s not much sunshine about and I’m managing to miss what little there is by spending far too much time with the duvet pulled over my head.

          December arrived, and the season came upon us to pretty up the house, to add some sparkle with tinsel and glitter and I wondered what to do this year.

          The tree was easy, I had my tiny green tree from last year, Put away in the “Little box” in the attic.  It still had the tinsel and baubles on it, all ready to go just as soon as I lifted it out of the box.

2015-10. Tree up.

          I’ve given up on the big tree, it served us well while the girls were at home, growing up, but now they’ve done their growing up and all three have homes of their own to decorate.  Don’t worry about the poor old tree feeling neglected though, it spent last Christmas with Eldest Daughter and this year had its Christmas with Youngest.

          I put up a bit of blue and silver tinsel in the kitchen, and Grampy Santa and Brolly came downstairs to sit in the room, but there I stopped, the get-up-and-go has got up and gone without me this year.

          Last year I spotted some little Christmas tree decorations made up of buttons, and even though I managed to source buttons to make my own, I was completely stumped by where to get the stars to put on the top so the project sat,  with so many others, on my list of things to do.

          This year I started my search for star buttons a little earlier, and in a few different directions from last year, eventually some ponytail beads caught my eye.  They took forever to come through the post, due mainly to not having the correct postage on them, and Hubby was infuriated at having to pay additional postage and a handling fee to collect them from the post office.  However when they finally arrived they were perfect.

          I bought some other buttons for the trees, two packs of assorted autumn colours and one of green.

          The sizes of the green ones weren’t too good, but out of the two packs of autumn colours I managed to make ten little trees.


          This was already half way through December,  but I had finally found the enthusiasm to make something so I sent for another three packs… And waited.

          With about one week to go to Christmas they arrived, I put together more trees, but perfectionist in me threatened to abandon the whole idea when they didn’t look as good as I’d like them to.   Instead, I cut the ribbons holding them together and covered the carpet in rows and rows of buttons.

          The result…  Twenty-one little button Christmas trees, that made me smile.


          Next hurdle, to put them up, they’re surprisingly weighty so hanging them on my little tree wasn’t really an option. Twenty-one one is a strange number but lent itself to three lines of seven trees. I bought some little self-adhesive hooks (which promised not to damage the decorating)  but again I hesitated.

          Then on Christmas Eve I visited the local D.I.Y. store with Eldest Daughter to mooch around the Christmas decorations and found a small wire tree with blossom lights on it.




11 thoughts on “Tis the season again

  1. How pretty – and very different! Great idea!

    I’m learning to fall in love with the grey days – so many of them this Winter. There was a pretty sunrise this morning – layers of pink and orange sandwiched between grey, and the moon out the other side was milky against a purple-grey sky. Little treats like that are wonderful!

    Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas 🙂

    • Thanks Meanderer, I did pretty well at following your example last year, but this year I’m afraid there hasn’t been much dancing in the rain, I’ll just batten down the hatches now and weather the rest of the storm till spring. 🙂

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