Red box

          2016 is possibly going to mean three wedding outfits for me. Youngest Daughter and Boyfriend have set a date in September,  Hubby’s Nephew is getting married in August, and I believe Eldest Daughter and Boyfriend have their sights on the summer (if not this year, then possibly next year).  Three different wedding outfits at that, two as the Mother-of-the-bride and one as an “also-ran”.  Those of you who know how difficult I can be at shopping will understand that it’s going to be a long process.  Oh how I wish I could just wear jeans, a pretty blouse… and maybe a hat.

          The red box?  Where does this hop aboard the train of thought?

          It’s ok, I haven’t completely lost the plot this time. The red box was one of our wedding presents, and thirty years plus later, it’s one of the few which are still around.  

2016-01. Red box.

          This red box could tell you a story or two itself if it could talk.

          When the girls were in school and lunch boxes were the order of the day then it was almost always full of cake, I would usually put the cake into the box pre-sliced as then I could avoid having to clear up after little hands every time a slice was eaten.

          The box has moved house many times, and not just with us either, it’s quite well recognised amongst the girls friends and helpers too, I’m not really much use when it comes to the physical side of moving house, but I have been known on many occasions to turn up with the red box full of “Moving food” to help keep the army of helpers marching on its stomach.

2013-03. Sausage rolls.

          During the last month it has sat upside-down holding my Christmas cake. The cakeboard rests on the underside of the lid as a Base, and the box reverts to the lid, easily twisted and lifted off for ease of cutting the cake.

          I’m the only one in our house who likes Christmas cake so a huge home-made cake would head straight for my waistline, however, I have a friend in work who makes a number of cakes each year, a small one for me among them.  Last year my cake was made and all ready to eat early enough for my parents visit half way through December and once the cake had been cut it didn’t make it to Christmas, this year I held out until Christmas day and so the box hasn’t been empty very long.

2013-12. Christmas cake.

          Well there you have the train of thought having gone full circle as the red box gets put away in the cupboard,  you know the one?  Every kitchen seems to have one, a double size cupboard with only one door where the inside of the cupboard seems to go on forever into a corner and it’s full of really useful,  but forgotten gadgets.

          The red box can sink into the back of beyond for a while, cakes are off the menu for the moment, with three wedding outfits looming the only food related gadget I’ll be using for a while are the bathroom scales.


8 thoughts on “Red box

    • I wore dark colours and blended into the background as an also-ran for most of my life, its only recently that I’ve given myself permission to become an “oraniginal”.
      I sometimes think life was a lot easier when no one knew I was there. 🙂

      • Well I’m glad you gave yourself the permission, can’t imagine you any other way than you are now. Yes, Life was no doubt easier then, but your’s is a warm light that should never be hidden under any bush! How’s that for poetic? And no I haven’t been imbibing, well, not yet anyway … 😉 …..

    • My girls asked the same question yesterday, I’m not too good with explanations but… Imagine a race, the rich, the famous, the so-called important people all get noticed, get mentioned as individuals, then there are the insignificant others, the people who make up the rest of the race without really being, needing to be, or wanting to be, noticed… They “also-ran”.

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