Pollyanna settled

          I know that snakes and Reptiles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, to be honest if you had told me three years ago that I would be fussing like a mother hen over a python, I would have started to search for your marbles.

          Three years ago I had two rabbits, “Alice” and “Pepper“, and everything in the garden was rosey.  Little did I know how much could change in two short months. Alice died and Pepper pined so much that I was terrified of losing him too and rehomed him with Middle Daughter’s rabbits.  The garden wasn’t the only thing with a large empty feeling, I told myself then, no more pets and yet, here I am, almost three years later, with Pollyanna.

2015-10-30. Pollyanna.

          Over the two and a half months she’s been with me we’ve sort of built up a mutual trust, she trusts me not to hurt her, to feed her, and to keep her safe and comfortable,  and I trust her not to bite me unless it’s absolutely necessary.

          Seriously though, you’d be surprised how friendly a little royal python can be,  they really don’t deserve all the bad press they get.

          I live in the topsy-turvy world of night working but she’s gotten used to that. She knows she comes out to play morning and evening so when I get in from work in the dark wee hours of the morning she comes to the front of the viv to wait for me, and I’m sure she knows the sound of my alarm at tea-time because she’s there by the glass doors again when I get up.

2015-12-05. Columns.

          Pollyanna loves to climb, she’s a whiz at going upstairs, so I’ve decorated her viv with bits and pieces that she can climb over.  She lives in a sort of ruined Egyptian landscape.

2015-12-14. Ruins doorway.

          She’s feeding well too, after a few “teething” problems where the wood chippings on her floor were sticking to her food, I’ve taught her to eat on a piece of baking parchment, a sort of picnic blanket which I take away once she’s finished.

          So, if Pollyanna has settled in so well, why the mother hen impression ?

2016-01. Pre-shed cuddle.

          Take a look at Pollyanna’s eyes in this last photo, notice how cloudy and “blue” they are.  This means that she’s about to shed.  If you remember she shed last time just after she’d arrived and she had a terrible time of it, her skin was too dry and the shed came off in lots of little bits instead of one complete piece, I had to help out on the end of her tail with a warm, wet flannel.  Her colours are a lot duller than usual, but her skin doesn’t look as crusty as it did last time, we’re both putting a lot more preparation into this shed, she’s been sitting in her drinking water to take a bath, and I’ve been spraying the viv with water to keep the moisture levels up. Fingers crossed for a much easier shed this time, I’ll let you know in a couple of days how she gets on.

          More from before : Playing with “Pollyanna“, my pet python. 


11 thoughts on “Pollyanna settled

  1. Hi Sallyann, I didn’t know you had this cute pet, hope everything goes well with the shedding. My older son loves snakes, he has asked thousand of times to buy one for him, we have visited exotic animals stores to them, it’s too much work to keep them, and expensive to set up everything. For now we have fish, it’s much easier to keep. 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth, it was quite expensive to set up but the whole family chipped in with bits and pieces for birthday and Christmas, but as for the amount of looking after involved, compared to the rabbits, Pollyanna is a doddle. 😊

  2. She’s beautiful! I haven’t been keeping up well so this is the first I’ve seen of her. I hope her shed goes smoothly and well this time around. 🙂

  3. I’m still wondering but hey… who am I to judge!! Looks like you’re doing a fantastic job!! What do you feed her and how often? (sorry if you’ve mentioned it in another post, I will keep looking!) 😉

    • Pollyanna eats rats, frozen re-heated ones remember, I feed her once a week, usually mid week because she can’t be picked up the day after feeding, if I squeeze her in the wrong place she may be sick.
      She strikes for her food so I offer it at the end of a long pair of tongs. The main reason Pollyanna would bite me is if she mistook me for food.

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