Beauty parlour

          It’s just as well that there’s no early morning scramble for the bathroom at our house at the moment because Pollyanna has been first in the queue for the last two mornings.


          The shed went really badly again,  she managed to rub the skin mostly off of her head and then gave up.  After a short soak in the bath on the first morning to soften the skin I put her back in the viv to rub some more off but by the following morning all she had managed to do was loosen a couple of bits on her stomach.  I ran another bath and we sat in the bathroom for well over half an hour while I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed in the warm water until it was all off.

          She was remarkably patient just weaving around my fingers, I think she was just relieved to be getting some help.


          Finally I put a very soggy and tired Pollyanna back in her viv, I stroked her for a while to make sure she was OK and she curled up under my hand so I guess that means we’re still friends.



2 thoughts on “Beauty parlour

  1. Aw, she’s growing more and more into her own personality with each day.
    I already knew she used her tongue to taste smells, but now I’ve found out that she hears with her jaw bone. Apparently she has an inner ear like us, but instead of the vibration travelling through the air, they travel through her jaw bone. So when she sits still with her head on the ground, she’s listening. 😊

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