Blanket stitching

  This one’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally added the last stitches to complete Eldest Daughter’s throw.

 As is usually the case, when I started I had no idea how this one was going to end. Eldest came shopping with me for colours and chose a mixture of white and two greys.  We went for chunky wool as this was to be knitted squares not crocheted as the others and the original thought for dark blue stitching to fix the squares together was abandoned in favour of finishing in the dark grey.


 In my younger years, my Dad taught my two sisters and me both to knit and to crochet. Something his mother, my Nana, had passed on to him.  My big sister did well with crochet, but I practiced my knitting instead.  To be honest, when I put my knitting away after practicing I would poke the spare needle into the knitted wool for safe keeping, whereas my crochet hook seemed to escape from wherever I left it and so rather than admit I’d lost yet another hook, I would choose to knit instead.

 I’m not too good at following a knitting pattern,  the k’s, p’s, k2tog’s and psso’s all seem to swap places and blend in together.  I see the finished picture in my head, work out where I want the stitches to go, and then using a cable needle (for those of you who don’t knit, a short knitting needle with a point at both ends) I move the stitches to where I want them to go as I work each row.


  The tension was a little tricky at first. Each square was to be thirty rows long, and I knew that each square would need more or less than thirty stitches on the needle, depending on the intricacy of the pattern. What I didn’t account for at first was the thickness of the wool.  Although the balls of wool were all the same brand  I had forgotten that the white is very often thinner than any other colour, it would also appear that the pale grey is also thicker than the dark grey.

  Eldest Daughter had asked for a slightly rough, unfinished appearance to the blanket so I could have just left the not quite square  squares to fit into the blanket but the perfectionist in me wasn’t happy so the first few squares were knitted more than once each.

  To achieve the more relaxed  look to the blanket, I sewed the squares together with the seams showing on the right side.  I used a nice simple back stitch, a stitch which will pull and stretch along with the squares instead of leaving the wool to snap as the tension becomes to tight, and then the seams are seemingly cobbled together with the very aptly named “blanket stitch” to give the less than perfect appearance.


           I gave the throw to Eldest Daughter today and not long after she sent me a picture of it settled where it belongs.


           Nice fit…  Glad she likes it.

          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.


10 thoughts on “Blanket stitching

    • Ah yes, we’ve seen pictures of your good lady’s stitches before.
      No baby clothes needed immediately here, but I do have another baby blanket in the offing for another great Neice or Nephew.

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