Third time lucky

          Yay! Finally a complete shed from Pollyanna.  Isn’t she looking beautiful today.

          She’s put up with me taking her out of her safety when she could hardly see, spraying the viv two or three times a day, and dipping her into a sinkful of warn water, but it’s all been worth it.

          I checked in on her this morning to find, what looked like a discarded stocking, a complete skin shed at the back of the viv.


          I’ve left her in peace now, she’s re-exploring her viv with her newfound flexibility and reach in her new skin.


8 thoughts on “Third time lucky

  1. Pollyanna is indeed looking beautiful! Here’s to new beginnings — for all of us — as The Year of the Monkey rolls in. Cheers to you and your new friend!

  2. Its strange, you know, but I would have never thought of having a snake as a pet and giving affection to it – but reading your posts has altered my attitude – you are an evangelist and I have had an epiphany! Now how’s that for an endorsement … ? … 🙂

    • Don’t beat yourself up about it, from an early age snakes are given a bad press. They’re always cast as the bad guy… The Jungle Book, Disney’s Robin Hood, Indiana Jones….

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