Deep water

2016-03. Blue skies.

          A beautiful blue sky reflected in the canal water as we took our first opportunity this spring to walk the Kidlington to Oxford stretch of the Oxford canal this year.  I was very reserved with the camera today, but couldn’t resist a couple of snaps to show how high the water levels were, inside the canal, and outside of it in the surrounding fields too.

2016-03. Field view.

          The path was a bit muddy in places, a little extra water here and there, but nowhere near as much extra water as it seems has settled in the surrounding fields.

2016-03. Through trees.

          A little further on, looking into the gardens opposite as we headed towards Oxford,  Hubby and Eldest Daughter were choosing which one to sit back and relax in, I quite liked this one, especially the “DEEP WATER” signpost,  very apt for today’s canal I thought.

2016-03. Deep water.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington“.


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