Pollyanna approved

          Remember these?    The two throws I’ve made for the sitting room, they’ve taken up residence on the backs of the two settees.


2014-08. Spice throw.

      And Sunshine…

2014-05. Sunshine throw.

          I’ve still got a bag full of leftover wool from making the little squares.  I don’t like waste and so of course I’ve come up with a new project to use them up.  I’ve bought a couple of new balls of black wool and have been crocheting a large rectangle of very small stitches.  The plan is to make a large grid-like piece of black crochet to fold in half and make into a cushion cover with a black zip on one side.

           I know, that sounds far too simple, easy, and maybe a little boring.

          Easy?  My poor old eyes would disagree on that score, I’m well overdue for a visit to the optitions, simple and boring?  Most definitely…

          If you know me well enough to remember that even when decorating the kitchen I had areas at different levels of completion all the way through, it will come as no surprise that I’ve already started on the next stage of the cushion before finishing the black rectangle.


          I’ve cut lengths of wool, all roughly the same length, then picking up three bits, two of the same colour and one of black, I’m using a rug hook to attach them through each one of the little squares on the grid.

          The colours are all going in as random patches, as always not quite as random as they look, there will be more patches of the colours I have more leftovers of.

            When I finally finish, the cushion will resemble a big fluffy multicoloured hedgehog on one side, and because the strands of wool are so tightly packed together on that side, when the cushion is turned over, it will form a fringe and sort of look like an only shaped sunflower with strangely coloured petals.

           Oh, and one last thing…  Pollyanna approves.


          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

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