Seagull café


          One of my regular activities on visiting Weymouth is a spot of alfresco dining … Fish and chips eaten straight from the paper to the accompanying sound of seagulls.

          My favourite chip shop is the Seagull Café, easily found on the far side of the harbour on route to the “Brewer’s Quay”. (link to be added later)

         Notice the very interested onlooker waiting in hope below the railings.  I did feel a little sorry for him as our leftover chips were bundled into the litter bin, but we’re not encouraged to feed seagulls anymore as they’ve gotten too used to us as a food source and are aggressively stealing donuts.

          More from before: various visits to “Weymouth“.


7 thoughts on “Seagull café

  1. Yum. Fish and chips. They just don’t make them quite the same here. I love the point of view on this shot. I would want to feed the onlooker, too, but understand why you shouldn’t.

    • I’m not really a fish and chips fan, but somehow I find they really taste wonderful here. 😊
      I think it’s as much the accompanying smells and sounds than the taste which keeps me coming back for more. 😊

  2. Love the thought of a Seagull Café – and love fish and chips too >>> and I feed gulls when I can >>> they’re just very good at what they do and now they’re impinging on “Our World” and we feel uncomfortable with that. A

    • I almost agree, seagulls to tourists at the seaside are a bit like foxes where suburbia has moved into the countryside. But I still wouldn’t share a donut with either. 😊

      • I love “I almost agree,” and I do too … what was it we were talking about? … but I’d be quite happy to share a donut with either of them (altho it has to be admitted that donuts don’t loom large in my legend). 🙂

        • I would have shared my fish and chips, but my donut? At the seaside? Even Hubby knows better than to wait until my last donut before asking me to share. 😊

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