Lagos lanterns

2016-04. Kitchen lantern.

          One of the things which left an impact on the memory of our holiday in Lagos in the Algarve was the wall lights. They were everywhere.

2015-07. Lanterns.

          Well, of course there were lights everywhere, but they caught my eye wherever we went.  I particularly liked the plain ones, the ones which looked like they’d been roughly cut out of sheets of clay and such together to use,  not just to display, most were painted the same colour as the walls so that you saw the light before the lamp.

2015-07. Lantern lit seating.

          There were later, posher lamps too, bought for effect,  and a lovely effect they had too.

2015-07. Lantern lit restaurant.

         The hotel restaurant had a few rooftop tables and the whole outdoor eating experience turned into a lantern lit dinner as the sun went down.

2015-07. Hanging lantern.

            I found this smaller lantern whilst wandering around some if the older part of the hotel.

          But take another look at the plain white lamp on the blue wall…  Do you recognise my Kitchen wallpaper?

       I couldn’t resist finding one to bring home with me.

2016-04. Kitchen lantern.

          More from before: Lovely holiday in “Lagos“, in the Algarve, July 2015.

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