I should really have been monitoring Pollyanna’s weight regularly but until today I had no idea how much she weighed.

           I was a little worried that she was too hungry too soon so I mentioned it on  a Facebook group I visit often and after a couple of comments back and for, finally decided I did need to weigh her.

          I’ve been looking at little digital scales so that I could place her onto them in a big bowl, but needs must and I got out my baking scales.

          Pollyanna was really good, I placed her down with a piece of kitchen towel between her and the cold metal bowl and she just sat watching me lifting weights on and off of the other side of the scales until they balanced.

           She’s ten months old and as I now know, she weighs 225 grammes. 


5 thoughts on “Scales

  1. Love this! There’s surreality here, both in terms of the wonderful scales and their unlikely occupant, and of “What are we having for tea, then, Our Mum?!”. Sorry! >>> just my unlikely sense of “humour”! 🙂

    • Glad you like it… I put the picture up on Facebook too, with the title “Snake bake”.
      As for the weighing scales, they’re the only ones I have. They’ve lived through numerous other fancy ones and still keep going. I bake all my cakes with them. 😊

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