Dirty washing


          Wash day is far from easy for Pollyanna.   There’s no hand washing and spinning or wringing out, no old fashioned twin-tub, or even one of those modern day all singing,  all dancing washer-dryer machines.  Pollyanna’s clothes are of the disposable kind.  She wears them until they’re old, dirty, or just too small then simply discards them and moves on.

          Not quite so simply though, her first couple of sheds with me proved that, they came off in tiny shredded pieces, she must have spent ages on that first weekend scratching around in her viv to rub off every last rag of her old clothes.

           Even though we’ve sorted out the little pieces problem, me by monitoring the humidity during a shed and Pollyanna by learning what to do, it’s still not easy, she has to wriggle up and down the viv rubbing against herself and the rest of her world until she turns her old skin into an inside-out stocking.

          Playing with Pollyanna is relaxing,  not just because her relaxed, lack of urgency is a great break in this hurried world, but also because with every twist and turn she is like a coal fire, you never quite know what you’re going to spot hiding in her patterns next.

          I flattened out her latest shed to an angle I don’t usually see all in one go and found even more pictures.  What can you see?

          More from before : Playing with “Pollyanna“, my pet python. 


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