Origami elephant

          My mind has been wandering in the direction of turning my empty bedrooms into inviting guestrooms.

          It wandered along thinking of the usual things; bed (obviously), bedside cabinet, somewhere to sit, nice bedding and curtains, and of course a set of new fluffy towels.

          I explained to Hubby that a set of new towels for visitors would save us having to replace ours as often and I vaguely remember him agreeing to a guest set of new towels for each room.

          My mind then wandered to a neat pile of towels placed boringly on the bed and thought how much more fun it would be to have my guests greeted by the origami towel animals I’d seen pictures of.

          Of course once my mind had wandered off in that direction my fingers had to go searching online to find a way of making the animals myself.  Mr Google brought to my attention another blog,  “Cruise Stories”, where you can not only experience cruising around the world from the comfort of your own armchair, but can also learn how to make your very own origami animals from the instructions on their “Towel animal page


          I took the opportunity in work one evening at the beginning of my week to practice my new-found skill with the available towels during a spot of tidying and merchandising.  With a little help from my friend, we managed to follow the instructions and create an elephant which we placed carefully in a gap on the top shelf where stock wasn’t due in for a day or two, fully expecting it to be demolished the following morning.

          I had various reports from friends and family of elephant sightings the next day and was even more surprised to find it still sitting on the shelf as I arrived for work the following evening.

          The next night however,  the elephant was gone.  It had disappeared amid rumours of a sighting in somebody’s shopping trolley.

          Thank-you “Cruise Stories“, I’m enjoying your blog, I think I’ll try the monkey next, but just incase the boss thinks I have too much time on my hands, I guess I’ll be making it during my lunch hour.

          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

15 thoughts on “Origami elephant

    • Thanks, I’ve never been on a cruise, but apparently your clean towels are made into a different animal each day. I’m going to enjoy practicing ready for my guests.

  1. That’s brilliant – complete with googly eyes; what fun! I saw towels made into swans on the TV programme: ‘Four in a Bed’, where one of the b&bs was on a boat. They weren’t as fun as that elephant, though 🙂

    • I bought the googly eyes in a craft style shop to use for practice ones at home, but I’ve already had more than my money’s worth in smiles from the elephant to go and get more when I run out.

  2. That is SOOOO snazzy!! You’ve got the touch! 😉 (Now I know what you do at work to keep yourself amused! Good for you for taking your creativity to work!!) 😎

  3. Thanks for the mention of my blog. Your elephant looks great. I wonder if it helped sell more towels. Not all cruise lines have towel animals, but they are very popular on the ones that do.

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