For the last couple of days we’ve been visiting “Llanberis“, we’ve had perfect weather,  we’ve taken a trip to the top of Snowdon on the mountain railway and walked back down to Pen-y-pass via the miners’ track, we’ve watched someone stand on a tightrope way up over an old abandoned mine and I’ve chased the sunset around the lake with my camera.

          We’ve breakfasted at “Pete’s Eats“…

2016-06. Pete's Eats.

          But I’m sorry Pete, you’ve been toppled from the top of my “number one places to visit in Llanberis” list by a new favourite.

          After our walk down the mountain I treated myself to an Ice-cream at Georgio’s.   You might have heard me rave on about the “ice-cream” in Brixham, we haven’t been to Brixham in a long while, but even allowing for absence to make the heart grow fonder, I think the highlight of my visit this time was eating possibly the best ice-cream I’ve ever had.

2016-06. Georgio's.

          The homemade ice-cream on sale at “Georgio’s” is all made on the premises, and what was the flavour which had such an impact on my taste buds?

          Blackcurrant and liquorice…  You’ve eaten the sweets…  But don’t take my word for it…  Visit for yourself and taste the ice-cream.

2016-06. Ice-cream.


           More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and other walks in “Snowdonia“.

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