There I was, wandering up and down platform one on Cardiff station snapping pictures here and there looking for a smile to add to this post.   I liked the old station buildings and tried a few different angles, cutting out the drizzle in the sky and trying to use the platform roof and the tracks to frame the large letters of “CARDIFF” fixed to the wall. 

          I took a couple of snaps, nothing quite curled the mouth into a smile, but there were one or two possibilities then turning up back towards the busier central part of the platform I spotted the bench…

           …an empty bench, quite plain in itself, made up of two large, sturdy planks of wood secured into heavy metal brackets. Very much a functional bench rather than a decorative one, that is, until you look towards the base.

          GWR…  Great Western Railway…

          The letters weren’t cut out in a dainty fashion, but we’re raised, chunky, hard-wearing letters, in keeping with the rest of the bench’s design.  Although the GWR didn’t quite raise the smile I was hoping for, it did catch my interest and I parked my little suitcase to try and catch the bench in my picture.

          I very often think to myself as I stretch with my camera into a peculiar position, “thank goodness for viewing screens.”

          Time for just one more click before an announcement came over the speaker system “train arriving at platform one… “,  I gathered up my case and climbed onto my train.

          Sitting in my seat I examined my photos, vaguely remembering a young lad and his mother passing me. They’d stepped into my shot as I’d taken it…

          … There was my smile.


           More from before : various visits to “Cardiff” .


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