Seagul Squadron

          Llandudno has a long, wide prom, nestled in a bay between the Great Orme and the Little Orme.  It’s mostly bordered by chunky Pebbles, but if you don’t mind sharing, there’s a good bit of sand to be found close to the pier.

2016-06. Seagul squadron.
          Maybe the Saturday afternoon of half term was a little busy, but children,  parents, and Grandparents alike were very much enjoying the pleasures of a typical British beach;  sea, sand sun, sandcastles, and sandwiches. 

          Seagulls,  masters of the seaside in their own right, have quickly realised that where there’s people there’s easy pickings. They do keep their distance for the main part, but once an unguarded picnic is spotted they swoop.

2016-06. Under attack.

          The odd squeal was heard,  and arms were waved about in defence, but one little boy wasn’t taking any of it, he ran around rushing at the seagulls until he’d seen off each and every one of them.

2016-06. The Resistance.

           More from before: The pier and prom at “Llandudno“.


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