Bellver Castle

          One of the places we visited in Palma, Mallorca was Bellver Castle, take me to a castle with lots of stone walls and give me my camera and I’m in my element so there are many more photos to follow, but here’s just a taster…

10. Castle steps.

          Go up the steps and in through the arch.  Pause here for a few seconds here to take a look at the view behind you while there’s a gap in the line of visitors, don’t worry, I’ve captured it for a longer look later…

18. Entrance arch.

          From the outside, it’s a pretty, but small castle, not too much to write home about, however, there’s a huge secret inside, but that will keep.

12. Tower & arch.

          I’m still sorting more pictures, but in the meantime, here’s one which made me smile… does this Roman look as if he’s texting on his mobile phone to you ?

27. Roman mobile.

          And of course, while everyone was admiring the skyline, I had my camera pointed at an alternative view …

16. Alternative view.

           More from before: “Mallorca” – Palma in July 2016 and Alcudia way back in June 2004.


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