Bellver secret

          This isn’t exactly the world’s most inviting solid wooden door, but the rust has settled on its forbidding spikes, and it’s been left open so follow me through in search of the castle’s secret if you dare.

24. A peek inside.

          Behold, the hidden concert venue, music for the eyes and ears.

26. Theatre seats.

          A quick peek from between the curtains backstage before we move onwards and upwards.

30. Behind the curtains.

          Another door, a little more friendly this time to take the experience to a whole new level.

41. Upwards.

          Wow!  What a view, looking at both inwards and outwards from the rooftop.

          The Elf Brigade (our health and safety) would go potty if they saw this.

49. Theatre below.

           More from before: “Mallorca” – Palma in July 2016 and Alcudia way back in June 2004.


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