Pollyanna post shed

           After a rubbish night’s sleep, I got up to Pollyanna true to her name – long,  wiggly,  and full of smiles.


          She’s been a bit sulky over the last few days, we’ve been expecting her to shed again, her colours had darkened and she didn’t come anywhere near the category of bright-eyed,  let alone bushy-tailed.  I think the general opinion is not to bother her too much pre-shed, but I still try and get her out at least once a day, just for a short time, and she tolerates me well in her more vulnerable state.

          Tuesday morning I peered in and she was tightly curled up in her hide so I left her in peace and got out some lunch to defrost ready for later.  By Tuesday evening I lifted her out from the hide and had my first hiss in a while, just a half-hearted hiss, more of a large sigh really, she just sat in my hand looking up at me through bluey-grey coloured eyes.

         I don’t usually feed Pollyanna when she’s “blue”, I wait a day or two but since dinner was already defrosted we had nothing to lose really. I put her down on the greaseproof paper and she raised her head a little but that was it. Normally as soon as the “picnic blanket” arrives she bussies herself preparing to strike for lunch, but Tuesday she didn’t even bother to uncoil.   I offered dinner and she still didn’t move, but eventually when I moved it nose to nose in front of her, she just opened her mouth and took a bite.

          Dinner sorted for the week, that was a bit of a relief, she went off to sit behind her pillars and I went off to work.

          This morning I went to check on her and she’d left me a pile of dirty washing at the back of the viv, along with a pile of “other stuff” which needed cleaning out so as I set about the viv and it’s contents with various cleaning equipment,  Pollyanna showed off her new-fitting,  post-shed suit.

          More from before : Playing with “Pollyanna“, my pet python. 


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna post shed

    • She is, very fast now that I have her on the right size food. 😊
      She’s three feet long now, just over a metre, that’s about half of her fully grown length in just the first year.
      She’s eating everything I offer at the moment, but apparently when she gets to full size she’ll regulate her weight by fasting and only eating when she needs it.

    • Again, thank-you, she’s showing off her brand new shiny coat. I always think she seems so much bigger after a shed. I can’t work out if it’s just an illustration or not. 😊
      I imagine it to feel like wearing a restricting suit to work all day and then changing into sloppy jeans and a loose jumper when you get home. 😊

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