Secluded Cove

          Join us on our boat trip from Palma in Mallorca, we’re off for a swim in the sea, followed by a little sunning at a secluded cove, then lunch of paella will be served on board our boat the “Blue Delphin“, followed by traditional entertainment below deck before we make our weary way back to port.

199. Secluded beach.

          Secluded wasn’t quite how I would have described the cove, but the sand was hot underfoot and the sea was beautifully clear.  I’m not much of a beach person anyway so while Hubby headed off to find himself a spot to top up his tan, I headed off to the other side of the cove to investigate some strange shaped holes in the clif.

198. Cathedral caves.

          To be fair, once I’d reached the other side of the cove, I was greeted with a very pretty view and could have quite happily wiled away a few hours with the camera.

180. Across the cove.

          I’m glad I’m not the only person who talks to strangers, on my way to the cave entrance another visitor was quite happy to tell me that the caves were called the Cathedral caves…

181. Cave entrance.

           Apparently the stones for building the cathedral were cut from here, which explains the straight sides.   I asked Mr Google, but he didn’t have a clue what I was on about.

183. Inside caves.

          However, my holidaymaker told me the Cathedral took so long to build that the stone cutting people lived and worshiped in the caves they’d dug out. 

184. Altar.

          Hence the altar and the fireplace which have been cut into the walls.

185. Fireplace.

          A very  unexpected find indeed, and one I really enjoyed, I could have wandered around in the caves for a lot longer, well, maybe if I’d brought a torch I could have.  In any case, my time was up and I headed back around the cove to our boat.

178. Clear waters.

          And to my paella for lunch.

191. Stepping stones.

          More from before: “Mallorca” – Palma in July 2016 and Alcudia way back in June 2004.


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