REWIND again

          If you were looking for us over the weekend, we were to be found sitting in the middle of a field in the middle of a crowded tent village, enduring yet more festival toilets… And loving every minute of it (almost).


       “Festival toilets are to festivals as morning sickness is to being pregnant.  They’re all part and parcel of the whole package,  There’s no such thing as a good festival toilet, if you’re really lucky you can find a not so bad one and  get off lightly but if not then the experience looms large in the foreground of your mind and you swear to yourself, “never again”. That is until the selective memory process kicks in, the morning sickness or festival toilets dim into the murky depths of your little grey cells …  and you start planning for the next one.”

         These were my own words from this time last year in my “REWIND 2015 : The story” post.  Yes, we forgot any bad memories, and smells, and turned up again this year to take our place at “REWIND 2016”.

           More from before : Relax and “REWIND 2015” or “REWIND 2016“.


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