REWIND 2016 : The story

          I realise I’ve been talking about the weather at REWIND quite a lot, but hey, I’m British and it’s a national British past time.

          Friday wasn’t too bad, we managed to set up early enough so that we were just a bit damp before the rains really set in, then overnight the winds threatened to blow the tents away.  A few extra tent pegs had been enough to keep our weekend home grounded and we set off in the arena on Saturday morning, carrying our camping chairs, and pre-armed against the heavy showers we were expecting.

          When we arrived we found that our tents hadn’t been the only ones battling against the wind, one side of the giant stage had been “blown away” but the audience had arrived, and the show went on.

2016-08. Wind-battered stage.

          REWIND 2016 was no where near a washout though, I guess it’s the people who make or break a festival and we most definitely had the people.

          I remember an old children’s story, one of Aesop’s fables I think, about the sun and the wind having a competition to see who could make a man take his coat off.

          The wind went first and blew and blew with all his might, but the harder he blew, the tighter the man wrapped his coat around him.  Then it was the sun’s turn, she shone down on the man as brightly as she could, and before long the man took his coat off himself and carried it.  As for the meaning behind the fable, I’ll let you work that one out for yourself, but the weather was a lot like that at our rewind weekend too.

2016-08. Gusts.

            We had a lightweight plastic poncho in our bag so Hubby wore that over his clothes and I trotted off to one of the shops to get a second one for me … I found a yellow poncho for the rain, and a yellow sun-visor for the sun, if I was going to get as wet as a duck, I might as well look like one too.

          Our friends had brought a big sheet of packing plastic to spread out over the chairs it was quite an entertaining ritual as the dark clouds blew over and then passed by again, the whole arena had come prepared too and the covers were on and off with pretty much perfect timing

2016-08. Storm clouds.

           By Sunday morning, the other side of the stage was missing too but the sun was shining and the music flowed as fast as the beer so we were all still in high party spirits.

2016-08. REWIND sunshine.

      We set up our chairs and pretended we were all teenagers again.

2016-08. Shot JR.

2016-08. Real coffee.

          The winds finally moved on but not until the clouds arrived, sometimes you are much better off with the devil you know, this was definitely the case as we watched the last of our sunshine move off into the distance with the winds.

2016-08. Two skies.

2016-08. Red kite.

          Hey ho ! Who really needs all that sunshine anyway… anyone fancy an ice-cream?


          “Life isn’t just about weathering the storm, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

2016-08. More dancing.


           More from before : Relax and “REWIND 2015” or “REWIND 2016“.

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