The mind wanders

IMG_4222. Palm tree view.

          Hubby left for work early this morning but after not working last night I had a lay in. I set my alarm for eight, leaving me plenty of time for my eleven o’clock appointment down town.

          I did surprisingly well and emerged from my nest by just eight thirty, but then taking into account that my morning pills and potions regime takes about forty-five minutes how was it was suddenly ten-thirty!

          I rushed upstairs and threw on my jeans… Carefully placed in a crumpled up manner on the chair near the bed for just such an occasion…  Next I dipped into the wardrobe for a top.

          My eyes settled on a shirt I hadn’t worn for ages. I’d promised Hubby I would clear out some of the clothes I no longer wore, I’d been sent on a shopping spree for some new clothes, on condition that I disposed of some of the old ones.  I folded a few shirts and blouses, picked out a jacket which had been sitting on its coathanger long enough to gather dust inside the wardrobe and took them downstairs to find a bag.

          Then I glanced at the clock… Oops. I grabbed my bag, zipped up my boots and trotted off to town in a very less than comfortable pace.  Arriving at my meeting at two minutes past eleven.

          Phew, mission accomplished at the meeting I dropped the bag of clothes off at the charity shop and came home.

          My uncharacteristic speed on the way to town had sent my internal thermostat haywire and my coat had ended up inside my bag.  On my arrival back home I pulled it out and onto a peg and discovered at the bottom of the bag, not only part of yesterday’s shopping, but also today’s shopping list.  Oops again.

          Hey ho… I copied a photo I’d been meaning to get printed for a while for the wall, popped that into a memory stick in my pocket (if only my memory was so easy to access) and set off for town again with the shopping list, this time minus yesterday’s shopping, and at a much more leisurely pace.

          The photo?   …   Why Weymouth of course.  Didn’t you recognise it?


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