Training to the summit

          And we’re off … Can you see the waterfall ?  You can reach it by foot from Llanberis. Apparently I’ve been there, but I can’t remember, and I can’t find any photos either.  I’ll have to go again next time so I can catch it with the camera.


          As the train pulls away from the town and up towards the mountain top there’s not a walker in sight, plenty of sheep, and as we move along slowly I catch a glimpse of a wall or two.  I have a weakness for a strong stone wall.


          I spy a couple of walkers and their dogs, but who’s watching who ?  Is that Snowdon summit I spy in the distance.


          Apparently not, I’ve seated us on the wrong side of the carriage to see the summit from our window, thank goodness for long arms and camera viewing screens.


          Back to our window, maybe I should have sat on the other side, it seems they have the more spectacular views.  Although, I do like the reflections of the opposite windows on the glass.  Does that second window remind you of a slice of toast… or am I just feeling a tad hungry ?


          No, here’s the view I was hoping for,  the Llanberis Path where it goes underneath the train track.  How nice of the driver of our train to stop so that I can take a clear picture of it.


          We seem to have stopped for a lot longer than just one picture … it’s ok driver, you can go now.

          Ok, maybe not … maybe we’ll wait just a few more minutes … 


          Off we go again, round the bend.  We’re hugging the mountain on the trainline, but can you see the walkers above us on the Llanberis Path … No toast in the reflections this time.


          As the path and the trainline run along side each other, the summit comes into sight again, through our window this time.


          And then all of the sudden we’re here, everyone get out, we’ve arrived.


          Take a peek behind you as you get out, just to make sure you’ve not left anything.


          And here’s our engine, HUNSLET No.10 …


         It’s all been over a little quick.  I mean, that was the idea really wasn’t it?  A quick trip to the top of the mountain with no more effort than climbing into a carriage. 

          Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the train ride – I always enjoy a train ride, steam train or otherwise – but I feel a little as if I cheated.  Not cheated at an exam or anything like that, definitely cheated my pocket out of the price of the ticket, but maybe I cheated myself to sort of an empty victory, standing on the top of a mountain without making any effort to get there.

          Maybe next time – and I’m not saying there will be a next time by the way – but maybe next time I’ll walk up again.  In the meantime, visit the shop, the café and the other facilities at the top, we’re on our way down next, via a much slower route … the miner’s track.


           More from before : posts about “Snowdon” and other walks in “Snowdonia“.

6 thoughts on “Training to the summit

    • Thanks Eliza. I’ve been up or down Snowdon in four very different ways now, I think I actually enjoyed all four… Its the couple of days after I don’t enjoy quotes much. 😊

  1. I love a good train ride, but have to agree that sometimes the view is better for having earned it. That said, there are some mountains I know I’m better off hitching a ride on a train to see the view from the top. Wonderful pictures, Sallyann. And yes, it did look like a slice of toast. 🙂

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