Save the Rhino

          Two rhinos are not what you would usually expect to see at almost the top of Snowdon but these two rhinos are exactly what we saw.


          Of course, I couldn’t pass by without a photo or three so I dropped a few coins in their bucket for the cause and snapped away.


          Full of smiles, I had a thought as I turned away and me being me, I stepped up to the lady rhino to share it… Nothing earth shattering or mountain moving I’m afraid, I just suggested that they exchange their bucket of coins for notes at the cafe so it was lighter to carry back down again.


          The rhinos wore armbands with a little more information,  Liz and Andy Berry were attempting to do the three peaks challenge for their cause.

          I asked Mr. Google if he knew anything more, he came up with the three peaks link below, and a possible Facebook page for Liz Berry with pictures of the rhino suits on it. Neither of which had been updated recently,  and so didn’t show too much promise.

          “Three peaks save the rhino challenge

          More from before : posts about “Snowdon” and other walks in “Snowdonia“.

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