Great Aunt

          Following on from “Great News“, the making is made and the gift given so now I can share my latest bit of creativity without spoiling any surprise.


          I have another new “Great”.  Now I’ve got two great Nieces,  and with the latest addition,  two great Nephews too.

          This means I’m a great Aunt four times over.

          A wonderfully warm welcome to the latest addition to a new generation of the family

          This however, leaves me with a little dilemma, I have bits and pieces which I could be doing, as well as more than a few bits and pieces that I should be doing, but nothing I really want to be doing. The first two are all very well to keep me busy, but not overly relaxing and enjoyable.   Hmmn, maybe I’ll stop by the wool shop on my next day off and see if anything catches my eye.

          More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.

12 thoughts on “Great Aunt

    • Thanks. It’s a busy time for the Daughter’s generation at the moment… Weddings… Babies… Christenings… Houses… Jobs…
      They’re all making their own way in the world. 😊

    • Shhh… I’ve promised not to mention that word for a little while… But since you mentioned it first, nothing on the horizon in that direction as yet, I’m really looking for the happy events when they finally arrive though.
      And yes, be assured the knitting needles will be fully active at that time. 😊

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