In the picture

          I was pottering about on Facebook today in a quiet corner of Costa, seeking shelter from busy people.  While hiding I stumbled across some wonderful pictures of vintage hats.  Little Sister and Eldest Daughter, who had accompanied me shopping via my mobile phone, agreed they were very much me and also agreed with my thoughts about never having too many hats in your life. Well, your life maybe, but my life?   Never too many.

           My thoughts wandered, as they often do, to the space above the coat hooks on the wall behind the front door.  I had plans to put up some hat hooks there, I seemed to remember making a list… Oh yes… “The List“… I haven’t even looked at it in ages.

          There are many things on the list I haven’t done yet, a few I now have no intention of doing at all, some I’ve started and not yet finished, but there are a couple of things I’ve actually achieved without the list and one of those was to choose a new picture for the wall.

          When the room was decorated, the walls were yellow, the curtains orange, and the settees were black.  I made two coloured throws to go on the back of each settee…

          Did you know that the only difference between a blanket and a throw is its size?   We Googled that little gem one afternoon, Eldest Daughter and I … A blanket is big enough to spread over a bed, and a throw is the right size to throw over a chair or settee.

          …I made two coloured throws to go over the back of each settee, “Sunshine and Spice“, and defined the coloured squares with black lines.  I bought three large black picture frames online. The plan was that the narrow black outlines would define the pictures, and the pictures could be anything I wanted them to be.  I could dig into the photo files or take a picture with a particular wall in mind,  print them to size and hang them.  The plan being that as soon as I was fed up of a picture I could just replace it for the price of the printing.

          Well, as plans go, the little mice and men played their parts this time.  It’s no secret that we are wanting to move to Weymouth, but our window of opportunity has closed for a few months.  I finally printed a new picture for the wall, if we can’t go to Weymouth just yet, then Weymouth can jolly well come to us.


          You know, I do believe I had this wall in mind for this picture when I stood “Behind the railings” and took it.

          More from before : Many things to do… Or not to do…  from “The List“.

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