Derby daisies


          I went wandering in Derby again last weekend, four of Hubby’s competition weekends – Hereford, Doncaster, Swindon and Blackpool, I think – have been merged to two Derby ones.  The four weekends were actually two leagues of two levels, held over two weekends each.  The new venue in Derby is big enough to house both leagues under the same roof.  Socially it’s a much better prospect but I’ll have to put in some deeper research to Derby’s surrounding areas when I plan some camera wanderings.

          Last weekend though, after a not so successful Saturday hiding from grey clouds and busy shoppers, Sunday arrived with sunshine,  lifting the spirits as well as the temperature.  I followed a familar route from the town centre towards the venue, the “Unco-operative geese” were a little more co-operative this time, and a few of my friends the daisies were still in the same place…

          Although this time I wasn’t their only visitor.


          More from before : Weekend wanderings in “Derby“.


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