Not fishing


          Wandering once more along a similar route to the river Derwent,  I came to the same spot on the riverside where I waited with “Patience” for the right moment to click the camera last time.

          This time, there was no passing train, no man and his fishing rod and no children’s laughter from the bank next to him.  I carefully stepped along the well-trodden divide in the greenery to the side of the river.   It was so peaceful, the water was almost still, there was no rustle from the leaves on the trees overhead and the nearby traffic seemed miles away and I could see tiny bubbles as they popped on the surface of the water, a sign of the fish playing below the surface.

          The puzzling sound of splashing from downstream brought to mind images of jumping fish, splashing back into the water as appearing from behind the trees two little yellow dingys paddled into the scene.

          The moment passed, I turned and headed back up the pathway.


          More from before : Weekend wanderings in “Derby“.


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