I changed my routine slightly yesterday.  I didn’t work last night and although I dropped my Thursday nights quite a while ago, Thursday morning becoming my new “Friday morning“, I still very much get my Friday feeling after my last night of the week.

          The traditional Friday feeling for those of you who live in  9-5 Monday to Friday world is that “Whey hey, it’s the weekend” feeling.  For me it’s a mixture of knowing I don’t have to work that night but having not slept the night before, having to find the right amount of sleep to allow me to function but to still be able to sleep when most normal people hit the pillows at the end of the day.

          My “Friday feeling” is a sort of a zombie feeling, with the added complication that at any moment my body will inform my brain that I need a nap.

          Yesterday Mum-in-law had other plans  at breakfast time and Hubby was working till two so I changed my usual plan of staying awake in the morning, sleeping in the afternoon and then just propping open the eyelids for as long as possible before hitting the pillow to sleep through what my body believes to be my next day in work.  I was asleep early, and dragged myself into zombie mode at two when my alarm went off.

          I opened the curtains and sat on the bed, taking in the sort of weakened sunshine that a September afternoon can bring.

          Then as if by magic the street outside erupted into music for both my eyes and ears, I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, Hubby included, but we live on a school route and the energy of a school full of children at home time when the sun is shining is enough to make almost anybody smile.

          I sat on the side of the bed and propped my tired chin in my hands, rested my elbows on the windowsill and watched as the rooves of different coloured cars played dodgems in the layby outside, children of varying shapes and sizes danced passed, their chattering to each other and calling across the street turned into the kind of music that only happy children can make.

          Our road, not really what you would call a main road is busy at times, especially during the school run, and of course on the bus route is one of the reasons for our “rollercoaster ride” when buying our house, but once the difference of priority opinions was sorted out it wasn’t a problem.  It would be great to find the same street music when we eventually move to a new house in Weymouth, but I’ll settle for seagull song instead if the option for both isn’t on the menu.

          The school traffic subsided, the children had danced off in their different directions and a bus stopped to pick up the last stragglers, our road was quiet once more, the sunshine twinkled on the tree outside, it has no blossom at this time of year, but it still holds onto it’s deep plumb coloured leaves for a while longer.  I straightened up and stretched my weary bones ready to move into the rest of the day… and then the icing on the cake … Hubby’s car pulled into the layby outside … off I went to put the kettle on.   .

7 thoughts on “Two-thirty

  1. The energy of kids at play really *is* contagious, isn’t it? Hats off to you for taking such a positive view of the din in spite of your zombie-like state. 🙂

    • Oh I love the sound of children at play, I can think of no better house to live in than one next door to a primary school. Unfortunately, Hubby doesn’t share my enthusiasm for a playground full of “screaming kids” to accompany a morning coffee or afternoon tea on the patio. I can see me settling for the sound of seagulls instead. 😊

      • When my hubby and I get exercised about our college-kid neighbors’ loud parties, we remind each other to hang in there, because our hearing will be shot in another year or two anyway, and then we’ll live in a quiet and bucolic neighborhood. 🙂

  2. I too worked nights and days sometimes day/night/day although the night was often just being ‘on call’, but being ‘on call’ never resulted in easy sleep, there was always one ear listening for the bleep or phone to ring.

  3. What a lovely picture you’ve painted. I used to live on a school road and always enjoyed the sound of children playing in the playground. As you say, definitely not many people’s cup of tea!

    How are you finding the housing market in Weymouth? We are looking to move but there is definitely a shortage of suitable properties coming onto the market compared to last year.

    • Moving to Weymouth is on hold at the moment, our “window of opportunity” has closed for a few months, we’ll be trying again in the spring. There is a trickle of houses on the Weymouth market. It’s a steady trickle, but still s trickle. The problem we had this year was a glut in our area. Too many to choose from, all very similar to ours. It would be good if they’ve all sold while ours is off the market for a while so that they’re gone when we’re ready to try again. 😊

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