Don’t do it


          Another smile from the “Elf Brigade” in Mallorca….

          Don’t lean out of the train window, no locks, no safety railings.  Just a wonderfully refreshing trust in people’s own levels of common sense.

           More from before: “Mallorca” – Palma and Soller in July 2016 and Alcudia way back in June 2004.

4 thoughts on “Don’t do it

  1. Yes, common sense, that seems to something that’s been forgotten about these days – and a psychologist friend tells me that today’s UK kids are so looked after and mollycoddled that they lack some of the “street skills” that us older people learned in the less over-protected times when we were children. A sign of the times. A

  2. Always assuming that all have enough intelligence to decode the ‘visual’. However, full marks for doing away with the written command in at least three languages that used to appear on european trains.

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