Train to Soller

          Join me with my camera on a cross country train ride in Mallorca.


          Step back in time from the bustling streets of Palma, wander through the little ticket office and out onto the platfom to find the train to Soller waiting for you.


          I’ll go and save you a seat while you stop to buy your tickets.  We picked our’s up earlier in the week when we were making “Plans for Soller“.


          One last look behind us at the beautiful station, it’s hard to believe that we’re in the middle of a bustling city.


          As we leave the station, the train passes through the middle of the city, quite literally in fact, it passes down the centre of a road with cars on either side driving in opposite directions.


          Before long we leave the traffic behind and make our way across countryside.


          Little roads here and there pass across the railway line with traffic lights and level crossings.


          Most of the trees are a little sparse, they’re lemon trees.  Soller, where we’re heading, is famous for it’s oranges and lemons.


          We catch a glimpse of the mountain… the tallest one on the island I’m told by another traveller.


          A short pause here for another train to pass.


          And then we’re off again, off towards the tunnel to take us underneath the mountain and out on the other side.


          What a difference we see on the other side of the mountain.  Bigger and better trees.


          Bigger and better lemons too, now you can see where Soller gets it’s reputation from.


          Welcome to Soller.


          A quick stop at the station to snap a couple of pictures of the train in its new setting.  Can you see the church in the near distance ?


          Just time for one more quick snap, we’re not stopping in Soller just yet, we’re off to catch a tram to Port de Soller but we’ll be coming back this way so we can have a look around the town then.


           More from before: “Mallorca” – Palma and Soller in July 2016 and Alcudia way back in June 2004.


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