I’m a bit prone to nightmares again at the moment which usually means Hubby gets it in the neck when I wake up for something he did wrong while I was dreaming.  Today I woke up a bit weepy because amongst other things, Pollyanna had been attacked by a big rat.

The rat, a big white one with pink eyes, came in through the letterbox.  It absailed down the front door and ran upstairs before I could catch it.

          Pollyanna fought it off bravely, although another animal, a rabbit/ Guinea pig/ hamster type animal, in a hutch below the viv was no where to be seen.

          Pollyanna suffered a large gash on the side of her neck and the rat got away.

          One of the doctors at the hospital with Mum-in-law needed a little persuading but eventually stitched her gash together with one of those circular needles.

          Pollyanna wrapped herself loosely around my neck and settled on my shoulders for the rest of the dream which moved on in other unpleasant directions.

          I got up in the middle of my night and got Pollyanna out for a few minutes to check she was alright.  Hubby assured me that Mum-in-law was fine and I went back to bed.

          This evening was feeding time for Pollyanna,  I warmed up her defrosted rat and offered it like normal on the end of a pair of long tongs…

          Bam… Straight on the nose…

          Well done Pollyanna.

          More from before : Playing with “Pollyanna“, my pet python. 


5 thoughts on “Ratatouille

  1. I’m still a bit confused by your choice of pets but as you’ve said before… get over it! I suppose I’ll just have to do just that!! I think there’s a story in there somewhere… “Pollyanna and I…” 😉

    • She’s not everyone’s choice of pet… I sort of remember it was you who said you must get over it…
      Please feel free to have whatever feeling you’d like about her. I’m pretty careful not to inflict my choice on others but I’m afraid sometimes my enthusiasm for her runs away with me. 😊

      • Snakes are fascinating creatures. I’m a believer that they have their very important role to play in the ecology! Don’t harm them! But I’m not sure if I’m not of the opinion that they belong out there… nuff said!! 😉

  2. Aren’t dreams something else? I wish you safe journeys through your’s. I see to be in the habit or waking in the very early morning not recalling any dreams at all, only to be assailed later on by the sort of thing you’re describing here – but then, I’m mad …. 😉 ……………….

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