Mugshot: York

          I’ve often commented that I have a whole cupboard full of memories in my kitchen,  I collect mugs from places we’ve been to visit and when choosing how to contain my coffee, I don’t tend to think “which mug do I fancy”, it’s more a case of “where would I like to go”.


          As with any souvenir, especially one as potentially breakable as a mug, there is always the decision to be made whether to use it or display it.  I figure the enjoyment of using the mug will far outweigh the pleasure of looking at it (and subsequently dusting it) so all of the souvenir mugs go straight into use.


          This mug, as you can see by the state of the glaze around the rim, has been used many, many times, it turned into one of my favourite mugs, not just because of the pictures and the memories, but the shape of the mug too.


          However, as you can also see by the picture, it’s got chipped, and one thing I’m very against is drinking out of a chipped mug, not just because of the risk of cutting my lip and the subsequent stupidly long time it takes me to heal, but also because my brain screams ” germs ! bacteria” at me every time I think of using it.

          So unfortunately, off to the bin it went to join the rest of the well-loved crockery in the great land-fill site in the sky… but not before I’d taken a couple of snaps to keep the memories alive.


          More from before: Two visits to “York“, in October 2010 and much later in January 2016.

4 thoughts on “Mugshot: York

    • First have photographic evidence of at least two visits…
      I’m hoping a dig around in the old grey cells will pull out enough memories for a wander around the wall for Robin’s Walktober. 😊

  1. Memories are kindled by so many things – but mugs are useful and practical and you get to hold them. And coffee time is a time for a little bit of peace and respite – a chance to hold the memory and dream perhaps?

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