Big dipper

          I mentioned when I met some “Nice People” in Blackpool that I was riding a tram to the far end of the prom to visit the Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  My original intention had been to go inside, not for the rides, but just for the camera fun.  I was a little put off from that idea when I arrived, as much by the prices as by the queues.

          I remember as a child, one of three, at a time when the pennies were in very short supply, we would visit the fairground at “Barry Island” and would spend an hour or two just wandering around the rides, enjoying the lights, the sounds, and of course the smells.  We were taught at a very small age not to ask for things all the time, that no meant no, and no amount of asking or tantrums would change the outcome (a thing I see some children seem not to understand these days – but that’s probably just me getting old and grouchy), we would walk all around the rides, from one end of the fair to the other and back again, then, if we’d been good, and not asked for anything, we would be allowed to choose one ride each to go on.

            Even now I’m quite happy to just wander and watch the lights and the colours with a contented smile.


          I’ve never really been one for the big scary rides, but I do love a ride on the bumper cars.  I can remember when I first met Hubby, many, many moons ago, I was persuaded to risk life and limb on one of the big rides at Blackpool, not the Big Dipper, I don’t remember if I just wasn’t quite that brave, or just quite that rich, but I do remember another ride, the Grand National.  Two rails followed the same route around the ride and there would be a race to the finish between two separate cars at break-neck speeds.  I seem to remember we stayed on for more than one race before the courage failed.


          I don’t remember going on another high ride until the girls were around and possibly heading well into teenage years.  Youngest Daughter was persuaded to go on one of the high rides, possibly the big dipper this time, and so I figured if she was willing then I should show willing too.  Unfortunately by the time the ride was over I had remembered why I didn’t like the rides and my feet have stayed at ground level ever since.


          As I wandered up and down the far end of the prom on this visit looking for different angles with the camera, I spotted this other big dipper too.  I know the modern type of sculpture isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I’m usually quite happy to see it, I like this one, it reminded me of a huge whale’s tail, the whale’s head dipping below the surface of the prom.


          More from before : Beach visits to “Blackpool“.


8 thoughts on “Big dipper

  1. Love the whale’s tail. Saw tails like that when whale watching in Queensland. Amazing, fantastic etc etc. and thanks for the walk around the fair. Brought back many memories

  2. My wife spent quite a few of her teenage years in Blackpool – I’m not sure she went on any of the major rides. We used to have an annual fair that occupied the entire high street of a local town when I was a kid and the dodgems was always my favourite ride. I particularly like that last shot – great framing.

    • 😊 I’m with you on that note. Feet firmly planted on the ground.
      Problem is, I do love to wander round a good fairground, and don’t always remember that I don’t like to see it all from a different angle. 😮

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