A while ago, back in July 2010 according to my photo files, we spent a week in the Lake District where, based in Keswick on the edge of Derwent Water, we climbed up Catbells.  A nice gentle family climb I was assured by Hubby, and most of the time I had to agree with him, but faced with the choice of a final scramble on all fours for the last ten minutes or turning back without reaching the summit, I wasn’t exactly polite about this nice family climb.  I’ll see if I can fill in the memories of that from some of the photos in a little while, but since we only climbed one “mouintain”, while we were there, I spent more than a few of the other hours in the week enjoying the view out over the lake with the camera.


          These first two pictures are of different jetties on the Keswick side of the lake, you can see the clouds rolling around over head on the first, and a welcome break where the sun managed to peep through on the second.  It rained a lot, in fact so much that when we arrived the area was suffering from a local drought, but by the time we left roads were flooding with the amount of water running from the mountains towards the lakes.


          These second two pictures are of the jetty in Hawes End, we took a boat across to the opposite side of the lake to Hawes End before starting our climb up Catbells.


          This last is a view of the boat leaving after it had dropped us off, we were lucky on our way home to not see this view again with us still standing on the jetty as we had to run (yes, I believe I did actually run) run to catch it.


          More from before : a week in the “Lake District” in July 2010.

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