Laughing till evening…

          … Together


          The words above were taken from Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, literally.  Carefully punched heart shapes were scattered onto large wooden tables in a small barn-like room, fairy lights in the form of cream roses hung from huge black wooden beams and cushions and warm throws cosied the bench and chairs below two chandeliers made of upturned wine glasses… so was the setting for Eldest Daughter’s wedding.

          The weather was kind for a November wedding and the smiles of the Bride and Groom radiant in the cold air of the Abbey Gardens for photos.  No rain, and even the sun put in a timely appearance and before long our small party were all huddled on large leather sofas in front of a roaring fire in the bar before lunch.

          The traditionalities  from the Father-of-the Bride (Hubby), the Groom, and his best man punctuated the afternoon and lunch was a relaxed friendly affair full of familiar faces and family banter.  Lunch-time dwindled and the conversation returned to the large sofas in the bar, a gentle break in the day provided the opportunity to visit the hotel, just a small cobbled courtyard away for checking into rooms and in many cases, to take a short nap. 

          The evening’s frivolities took place back in the barn-like room, with the wine-glass chandeliers dimmed and a very well chosen playlist in the background while friends, old and new, caught up with the latest goings on and chatted over wine and board games into the wee hours of the morning.

          Breakfast time, for those who’d taken up rooms in the hotel, was again a friendly affair, Bride and Groom were cheered as they arrived last to the table and the conversation flowed as easily and the tea and coffee.

          … And so ended the wedding of Eldest Daughter and my new Son-in-Law, and the beginning of the rest of their life together as Mr and Mrs.


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