Lightbox shadows

          Remember the “Lightbox” I have in one corner of my Kitchen?  Remember how the slightest bit of sunlight shines in through the big windows to create a cosy, happy place to sit?

2014-02. Lightbox.

          Remember  my “Lightbox view” and how I’ve lined up coloured bottles along the windowsill to add colour to my garden without having to worry about watering the flowers ?

2016-01. Lightbox view.

          Did you notice the round table in the garden?  And what about the scallop shape of the blind on the window?

          Well the light bouncing off the glass table and the edge of the blind have come together in the sunshine to make an umbrella shape on the ceiling.


            The next picture had me puzzled for more than a while before I worked out how it had happened.

             I know the centre vase on the windowsill is red so even though the sunlight wasn’t very strong I can see the slight shading of the shadow on the wall at the bottom of the window…  But how can the sun be shining in a completely different direction to make the red vase shadow at the top of the window too…

            The sun has reflected up from the table on the patio too.


           More from before: happenings in  “my Kitchen“.


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