Ten thousand a year…

          In the immortal words of Jane Austen’s Mrs Bennet,

               …”Three Daughters Married”…

                    … “Ten thousand a year “…


          It seems such a short time ago that I was a young bride myself, followed at a respectable interval by the patter of tiny feet and in no time at all I was a mother duck with three little ducklings following wherever I led.

          I seem to have stayed in the land of nursery rhymes and fairytales while time moved on around me and all of a sudden I have three grown-up,  married daughters…  And three Son-in-laws.

          I wonder, what sort of Mother-in-law am I?

          I was never what you could call a conventional mother, determined that times and events which shaped me as a child would not have the same effect on my girls.  I turned my fears into games “The Woosh” being one of my more successful ones.  I was terrified of being pulled into the void left behind a big lorry on a busy road. Talking to Youngest Daughter about the game a while ago, she can’t actually remember playing it, but the gust of wind which follows a lorry always makes her happy.

          I was never happier than when the house was full of children, at Christmas the other mothers thought I was completely mad when I would fill the house with very often over thirty children.  I would put together a huge buffet of party food and leave the guest lists to the girls.  Each Daughter invited their own group of friends and provided their own entertainment.  You would think that that amount of children in a house would be chaos, but no, it seemed to work surprisingly well, three different age groups,  three different parties and each group was far to busy to bother the other. I flitted from one group to another, not really being a parent, just being more of a presence and so as with life in general at home, I became less of a mother, and more of a friend…  We looked after each other.

          Every mother has their own way of bringing up their children,  their own Mother/Daughter relationship and indeed, Mother/Son relationships too.  I guess my ways seem strange to our newest family members, in all fairness my girls have had the last twenty to thirty years to get used to them and the three boys have been thrown in at the deep end.

          I don’t see any traditional Mother-in-law / Son-in-law relationships on the horizon, I am however,  pretty hopeful that we can all become friends.


10 thoughts on “Ten thousand a year…

  1. My friend, be who you are, do things your way – if only maybe because its too late to change now. And if the “three boys” have been thrown in the deep end, well, sink or swim, and anyway (and I’m going to lurch dreadfully into song now) … “they’ve got their love to keep them warm” … tho whether their love will double as a life jacket is … well … 😀 >>> just do it, my friend, just do it!!! A

    • You’re probably right about it being too late to change now, quite apart from if I do change and don’t like it, how on earth am I going to remember who I was to change back? 😀
      And as for the boys… They did choose to join the family. 😊

  2. Wow… what a cool memory share!! I can just imagine you… I’ve always thought you are a free spirit… following your own path! Your three young ladies are very lucky… and soon their other halves will realise just how lucky they are too!! I hope your house is crammed to the rafters with Christmas cheer again this year!! God bless you all!!! 😉 😛 😉

    • Following my own path…
      I don’t really follow any path, I just hop on and off whichever path takes my fancy at the time… And take a short nap on the grass verge between them at any opportunity as it arises. 😊

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