A Gift


          Whether you consider it graffiti or art, surely you can’t help but smile at the words written here on the wall underneath Wyke Tunnel on the Rodwell trail.


          “The Rodwell Trail is a shared walk/cycleway 3,336m long (just over 2 miles) between Weymouth and Ferrybridge along the course of the old Weymouth to Portland Railway that ran from 1865 to 1965.  Halfway along and signposted from the trail, you will find the romantic ruins of Henry VIII’s Sandsfoot Castle and Gardens set on the cliff top overlooking the sea and the Isle of Portland”


          We joined the trail at the Prince of Wales road and wandered in what did turn out to be the right direction of the castle.  You can see the Wyke Tunnel behind us as we pass the old Rodwell platform.

          The peace and quiet along the old railway line was broken every now and again by fellow walkers, joggers and the occasional cyclist, but it was a beautiful setting to enjoy the surprisingly mild temperatures and December sunshine.


          A little past the Sandsfoot Castle Halt  we found the afore mentioned signpost and followed it to the castle and gardens.  The castle is a ruin and what’s left is pretty small so don’t expect too much, but the camera enjoyed it, the gardens were a bonus, well kept, even in the middle of winter… and the icing on the cake … a little kiosk selling refreshments and providing very convenient inconveniences.


          More from before: various visits to “Weymouth“.


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