I don’t drive, but I have map-read a little,  not very often (and not very well) and a lot less after the Queen’s voice started giving Hubby directions from the little box he fixed on the windscreen.  I haven’t read a map in ages now that Mr Google has taken over the roll with regular instructions such as “turn around when possible” or “you have reached your destination”.

          However, in times gone by, as we were trundling along somewhere between A and B the merry tunes on the car radio would be interrupted by a traffic report and my map-reading skills (however slow) would be called upon to find an alternative route to avoid an enforced dawdle on a motorway.

          In another lifetime, if we were boldly going towards the planet B in Captain Pickard’s Starship Enterprise, caught in the gravitational pull of a collapsing star with our shields down to twenty percent, chief engineer Jordy would miraculously find just enough power from some obscure part of the ship and re-route it to the aft thrusters to save the day.

          Such was my position some twenty-odd years ago when although my engine was fully functional, my power supply was interrupted to my on-board computer causing part of it to become damaged.

          Most main functions were re-routed quickly along different channels, forging new pathways over quickly cobbled together bridges. These smaller, slower pathways seem to need regular maintenance to carry the extra load and sometimes, unable to cope with the weight they simply collapse and the on-board computer has to re-route and begin again.

          Of course in the real world this is probably all complete gobbledygook but in my world, where I need to survive with the various bits of me which don’t quite fit into the “normal services”  category, this all makes perfect sense.

          My brain seems to have just had another re-route.  I’ve had a re-boot, I slept for almost twelve hours straight while that took place but now I’m having to explore the new pathways, tentatively stepping out onto new bridges to see if they will hold.  I’ve done it before, on more than a few occasions now, but I’m not a natural explorer, it’s scary, if evolution had been my responsibility we’d still all be living in caves.

          Hey-ho.  Time to give myself a boot up the proverbial behind.  Off we go again.  I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet but at least I know I’m back on the path. 

2013-04. Steps.


2 thoughts on “Re-routed

    • Thanks, there’s plenty of care taking going on here… Plenty of pushing me on and picking me up from Hubby, the girls, and from the boys too. 😄
      … And right back at you for Christmas and the new year. 😀

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